Student Life


To describe a single day in the life of students at DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA (first year students in particular ) does not seem just when each day opens the door to a new affair and is filled with with possibilities of a completely new experience .A leading institute for commerce in India, DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA excels in extra curricula’s, needless to say, the academics. It is flooded with societies that offer endless opportunities to test and explore ones skills and interests. As the session begins in summer, societies turn their hands to orientation programmes. The fresh students undergo training and through interviews to become a part of these. Mid-semester and the students get engaged in submitting assignments and preparing for their tests and presentations which count for their internals. Yes, that is the time when the ever-so- eminent library gets packed. Meanwhile, the various societies like Panache (western dance society) hold practices in classrooms, a custom followed by the Dramatics society as well, on days when the placement cell takes over the DDU KASUSHAL KENDRA auditorium. Students engaged in upgrading their knowledge bringing the best in them with latest news, preparing for Debate, classroom presentations at any point of time, last time preparing for activities, doing cultural programme for the college participation.

DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA offers a supportive and caring campus environment for you to develop socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. The college has a broad range of options for leadership growth, social activities, and community involvement while providing for students’ housing, health, and safety.

The DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA,Department of Vocational Studies,C P PATEL & F H SHAH COMMERCE COLLEGE located in ANAND, is the heart of student life on campus and provides a gathering place for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to enjoy music and theatre performances, lectures, and social interaction.

Students of DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA are working as JACK OF ALL and MASTER OF ALL.

You can participate in more than 15 student organizations with shared interests in arts and culture, athletics, politics, social action, diversity, fraternity and sorority life and much more. Join an organization or start a new organization catered to a particular topic as soon as you step foot on campus.


DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA is committed to service and opportunities abound for student involvement through fellowships, internships, grants, trips, and volunteerism. The Center for Civic Engagement serves as the focal point for all community-based activities for students.


DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA fosters openness to and respect for the India’s various religious traditions, and the Office of the Chaplain nurtures a spiritual environment in which you may find a wide range of opportunities for worship, fellowship, service, and study.


For Leadership Development, DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA provides you with a variety of fellowships, programs, resources, and coaching opportunities to build effective leadership skills.


The Multicultural Affairs office assists students from minority groups through associations and organizations, the amb


DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA is committed to establishing a safe environment for students and promoting student health and wellness. The college provides health services through the student health and counseling center.


The Center for Career Development is here to help you turn your academic knowledge into a real-world career with a variety of resources to help you secure graduate degrees, post-graduate degrees, internships and jobs.


It is DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA policy to admit qualified students and administer all educational, athletic, financial, and employment activities without discrimination based on race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state, or local law unless allowed by law and deemed necessary to the administration of the college’s educational programs or operations.

The policies, benefits and guidelines for DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA employees are available in the Human Resources office or via our campus Intranet upon hire. The college expressly reserves the right to change, amend, or terminate any policy, practice or benefit at any time, with or without notice, and to make decisions that may be different from the policies expressed in previous versions of our guide. It is intended that employees be advised of any changes to our policies; changes may occur, however, before any written revisions are circulated.