DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA Co-ordinator’s & Nodal Officer Message

Co-ordinator’s & Nodal Officer Message

Dear Students,

In the Era of 21st Century of Information Technology and Communication has become part and parcel of our life. In order to survive in the fast competitive & ever changing world, skill based & vocational education is the need of hours. Apart from theoretical Knowledge , practical skill based and real life exposure will help the students to cope up with the skill which is required at global level and need of today’s environment.

As University Grant Commission (UGC) is the body of MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Management) Decide to Promote Skill & Knowledge Education for the Indian students & our institutions C P Patel & F H Shah Commerce College get a selection from all over the Indian institutions and serve the society in the fields
(1) Export & Import Management
(2) Supply Chain & Logistics
(3) Insurance & Financial Marketing
(4) Banking & Financial Services
(5) Software Development
(6) Event Management

Our main aim of this course is to cater the need of skill gap of the society and for that purpose, a number of MOUs with the industries has been done to provide platform to our scholar students to catch and nurturing their future in the right way

Bachelor of Vocation and Community college will put a benchmark in education fields and youngsters dream will become true

Dr.Rajesh Patel
Head of Department
Department of Vocational Studies